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To inspire individuals and teams to embrace the great outdoors, fostering personal development, curiosity, health and a sense of freedom, while providing unforgettable outdoor adventure experiences and teambuilding activities.


Create a platform that connects individuals and companies with the wonders of outdoor adventures, promoting personal growth, team cohesion, and a passion for exploration. Through meticulously curated experiences, we aim to challenge and empower participants, enabling them to break boundaries, discover their true potential, and forge lasting memories in nature.


Who I am

Marco Balz


I am an outdoor expert and enthusiast who has dedicated countless hours to exploring and immersing myself in the beauty of nature. With over 20 years of experience leading and guiding people in the great outdoors, I bring a wealth of knowledge to create unforgettable experiences. My customer-oriented approach and discreet nature ensure that your experience is tailored to your needs while prioritizing your satisfaction and privacy.

Combining my diverse background in business administration, mechanical expertise, Swiss Ski Pro and Coaching experience, along with my time at BMW Switzerland, I possess a versatile skill set that enables me to unlock the potential of individuals and companies. With a focus on innovation, strategy, and health, I offer a holistic approach to personal and organizational development. Through tailored solutions and transformative experiences, I am dedicated to helping you achieve optimal performance, ignite creativity, and enhance overall well-being. Together, let’s embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success.


BSC in Business Administration
Mechanical Ingeneer
Swiss Ski Pro
Wim Hof Methos Instructor

Worked at different big companies like

Outdoor Expert

Expedition Canoe North: more than two  months in the Canadian Wilderness, canoing 2200km to the polar ocean. 

Countless survivla trips in the Alps,
skiing, skiing, surfing, biking.

Trusted Partner

I extend sincere gratitude to our valued business partners, who share our values, embrace our philosophy, and consistently deliver excellent service. Their unwavering commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our vision, enabling us to provide exceptional experiences and unparalleled satisfaction. With such remarkable partners by our side, we are privileged to exceed expectations and create lasting success together.

Bike Local

Passion Ski

Offering personalized instruction and unique experiences on the slopes that cater to both my skill level and love for the sport.

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