Privacy Policy for St. Moritz Outdoor by Marco Balz

Privacy Policy of St. Moritz Outdoor by Marco Balz

1. General Provisions and Scope

This document delineates the privacy policy («Policy») of St. Moritz Outdoor by Marco Balz («Company»). It is designed to comply with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and elucidates the manner in which the Company collects, processes, stores, and manages personal data acquired through, associated digital platforms, and client interactions.

2. Legal Basis and Data Controller Identification

The Company, as the principal entity responsible for data processing activities («Data Controller»), adheres to the principles set forth in the FADP. The designated Data Controller is: St. Moritz Outdoor by Marco Balz, Plazza dal Mulin 4, 7500 St. Moritz.

3. Data Collection and Processing Modalities

a. Data Collection Techniques: The Company employs sophisticated data collection methodologies to aggregate information, including but not limited to digital identifiers, IP addresses, user interaction metrics, and browser specifics. This information is garnered when users interact with our digital platforms.

b. Personal Information Processing: Upon user engagement through various channels such as electronic mail, web-based forms, or telephonic communication, the Company meticulously records and processes personal identifiers and communication content for transactional purposes and future correspondence.

4. Processing Objectives and Utilization Paradigm

The Company commits to processing personal data exclusively for predefined objectives, including:

  • Enhancement and personalization of service offerings.
  • Detailed analysis for service optimization and user experience enhancement.
  • Strategic communication pertinent to inquiries, service updates, and promotional information, subject to user consent.

5. Advanced Cookie Utilization and Analytical Processing

Our digital platforms engage advanced cookie technology and analytical processing tools. These mechanisms are pivotal in refining user interaction experiences and extracting analytical insights, thereby augmenting service quality and operational efficiency.

6. Disclosure and Third-Party Engagement Protocols

The Company maintains collaborative relationships with third-party service providers for a spectrum of functionalities, including but not limited to cloud storage, data analytics, and customer relationship management. These entities are contractually bound to uphold data protection standards akin to those espoused by the Company.

7. Data Integrity and Security Framework

A comprehensive security architecture has been instituted to safeguard personal data against unauthorized access, data breaches, and inadvertent loss. This framework encompasses advanced encryption protocols, regular security audits, and contingency planning for data integrity maintenance.

8. Comprehensive Rights of Data Subjects

In accordance with the FADP, data subjects retain extensive rights, including but not limited to:

  • The right to request a detailed account of personal data held by the Company.
  • The right to seek amendments to any erroneous or incomplete data entries.
  • The prerogative to demand the erasure of personal data under specific conditions.
  • The right to object to certain data processing activities.
  • The right to solicit the transfer of data in a structured, commonly used format.

9. Policy Modification and Adaptation Clause

The Company reserves the exclusive right to amend this Policy at its discretion, ensuring alignment with evolving legal statutes and operational best practices. Any such amendments will be communicated through appropriate channels and will take immediate effect upon publication.

10. Data Controller Contact and Queries

For inquiries, concerns, or requests pertaining to this Policy or personal data management.